How to check your horizon for HF & VHF propagation

If you’re interested in the upper HF bands or any of the VHF and UHF bands then your horizon is all important. On bands like 144 MHz and above, the vast majority of signals are coming in from the horizon and just above it.

On bands like 28 MHz, 50 MHz & 70 MHz, the signals may be coming in at a slightly higher angle with Sporadic-E but they are still very close to the horizon. Whether you’re operating from home or thinking or going portable then knowing your horizon can help explain what’s going on.

First off, the website for checking your horizon is

In this post, we’ll look at how to use it and some tips on getting them most out of it. To help explain it, I am going to do a profile of Paul Logan’s location in Lisnaskea in Co.Fermanagh, Ireland. Paul is an avid listener to the Band 2 FM band from 88 to 108 MHz and logs hundreds of radio stations from all over Europe every year.

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